Our story

My name is Krissy and I am the owner of Justselfish. We are based in Newcastle in the North East of England.
Before I became a mum of 2, (Joe & Pippa) I was always into fashion, keeping up with trends and didn't hold back on spending a few quid on an outfit to go out with the girls. 
Being a mother is the best feeling in the world and feel extremely lucky everyday.
Didn't take long before I started to loose the person I was before children, no longer spending money on myself, always thinking of the kids and instead keeping them up to date with the latest trends. I found myself wearing the same variations of outfits over and over again, maybe too tired to care. 
I love taking my kids shopping with me.... says no mum EVER, So when I did shop, it was online before the kids were awake or after they had gone to bed.
I soon realised I was scrolling through pages and pages of outfits aimed at younger girls trying to find something that wasn't too young but still trendy and fashionable.  In my head I am still too young for Marksies and Next, im not ready for frumpy!
That is when I decided to create an online store that addresses the issues us mums face in fashion. We carefully select fashion that takes into consideration style, price, fitting our newly shaped bodies, the practicality of our everyday tasks, the events we are likely to attend all in place saving you time and sanity!
Gain your pre-motherhood identity back and step out in confidence xxx 
Krissy Coulson
Owner JustSelfish